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What Is Immersion Cooling?

Immersion cooling, also known as liquid submersion cooling, takes an entire server or computer components and dunks them in a circulated fluid to cool them. You're probably wondering why would someone do this to their expensive servers? The answer, immersion cooling is very energy efficient.

Why Would You Put Your Servers Into Liquid?

The first thing to understand is the liquid that we are talking about is not water. The liquid used must have little to no electrical conductivity (dielectric fluid) as not to interfere with the operation of the server.

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Why Should You Use Immersion Cooling For Crypto Mining?

Proudly built in Canada, the Intelliflex™ Liquid Immersion System utilizes the most efficient cooling method for your high-density computing hardware; this modular approach offers a fully integrated, single-point connection solution including immersion tank and associated process and cooling equipment. All modules are sold in combination with the Smart PDU for increased power, control and network management. Each module allows up to 6.0MW of IT load (up to 1,152 miners per module).

With significantly higher cooling efficiency than air, mining companies can take advantage by pulling best-in-class overclocking speeds maximizing their, or simply using fewer miners per MW, often the savings in miner reduction pays for the additional cooling infrastructure on day one! Say no to dust, noise, high temperature, low density and poor efficiencies with traditional air-cooled systems say yes to Intelliflex™ Liquid Immersion Solution!

To complement this industry-leading product, Custom Power Generation specializes in power-generation equipment deployment, crypto module maintenance and behind-the-fence power supply through our network of Independent Power Partners.

If you're interested in finding the best energy-efficient solution for your crypto mining goals, contact us today, and we'd be happy to help. We have offices located in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto to serve you anywhere in Canada.