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Ontario is a Province full of a wide variety of generator projects types and applications. Some of North America’s largest Data Centres, Water Plants and Hospitals are in Ontario operating in great diversity of environments. Due its population density, Ontario seems to drive some of the strictest code requirements for generator installations in Canada, making things interesting when designing projects. These include special considerations for noise, emissions, fuel storage and exhaust amongst others. While projects no longer require official approval by the MOE (Ministry of the Environment of Ontario), due diligence to comply with all codes and standards falls to the end user and/or their design team. Below are a few of the things that the folks at Custom Power Generation will help revolve for you or work with your consultants as required.

  • Noise Studies
  • Emissions Assessments
  • Fuel and Exhaust System Design

Make sure your system is TSSA Compliant:

TSSA (Technical Safety and Standards Authority) is the enforcement body of The Technical Standards & Safety Act (TSS Act) which governs the administration of public safety in the Province of Ontario. They deliver public safety services on behalf of the government of Ontario in three key sectors:

  • Boilers and Pressure Vessels and Operating Engineers
  • Elevating Devices, Amusement Devices and Ski Lifts
  • Fuels

With regards to Power Generation systems, Fuel, Ventilation and Exhaust systems must be designed in compliance with TSSA standards and ultimately be approved by the TSSA. When systems are self contained and not dependant on components supplied by others such is the case for indoor generators, we take full responsibility of the compliance aspects and even arrange the final approval (if requested).

Emissions Studies and MOE Compliance

Many projects in Ontario are located in sensitive areas where exhaust gases could compromise human safety or exceed local zoning limits. Ontario regulates contaminants released to air by various sources, including local industrial and commercial facilities, to limit exposure to substances that can affect human health and the environment.

If your business emits any contaminants to the air, you must comply with the regulation by meeting certain standards that may apply.

There are three compliance approaches under the regulation:

  • meet the general air standard
  • request and meet a site-specific standard
  • register and meet the requirements under a sector-based technical standard (if available)

Custom Power Generation will work with you to ensure compliance with all provincial standards that may apply in your situation.

SCR Systems (Selective Catalytic Reduction):

Many sites in Ontario need to have their emissions reduced to very low levels necessitating the use of an SCR System. SCR is an active emissions control system. Hot exhaust gases flow out of the engine and into the SCR system where aqueous urea (known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid, or DEF) is sprayed onto a special catalyst. The DEF sets off a chemical reaction in the exhaust on a special catalyst that converts nitrogen oxides into nitrogen, water, and tiny amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2), natural components of the air we breathe. The exhaust also passes through a particulate filter somewhere in the system and then is then expelled through the exhaust system.

SCR systems can range in complexity but must be properly implemented taking into account the operating parameters of the engine and installation location. Custom Power Generation will work with you and/or your representatives to insure all factors are considered and that the SCR system is designed as efficiently as possible.

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