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Do you want to step up your crypto mining initiatives? Are you looking to take advantage of the ever-growing crypto industry? Partnering with reliable crypto mining infrastructure suppliers can help you achieve your goals. At Custom Power, we deliver customized crypto mining solutions to take your initiatives to the next level. 

Count on us to support you in all aspects of crypto mining. We are your best bet for diverse solutions, including deploying crypto immersion mining modules and setting up power generation assets and power contracts. Our power-generation knowledge can help you get your next project up and running. Leverage our reliable partnership with Intelliflex™ Innovative Data Solutions to set your plans in motion. 

Our highly-experienced in-house team will support you in designing, building, and deploying your next crypto-mining project. Whether you need power, mining modules, or generators, we are always on hand to deliver on our promise. 

Crypto Mining Power 

Cryptocurrencies continue to cause a significant stir for investments across the world. Their fans believe it is only a matter of time before cryptos displace traditional currencies. Surprisingly, these currencies use significant amounts of electricity as maintaining the vast Bitcoin public ledger consumes a lot of energy. 

Our power generation experts can help you set up the infrastructure to maintain a continuous power supply. Custom Power Generators can also deliver backup power solutions that ensure you have little to worry about in case of power outages. 

Crypto Immersion Cooling 

Since crypto mining is an energy-intensive process, most crypto miners try to cool their mining equipment while maintaining high-profit margins. There’s usually the choice between immersion cooling and air cooling when considering cooling. 

With air cooling, you’ll use ventilation fans or atmospheric air to regulate your equipment’s temperature. In this case, you’ll need air cooling containers that increase airflow over the mining rig, easing heat dissipation. Ambient air mixes with hot recirculated air that cools the mining equipment during cold weather conditions. You might also need air handlers and chillers to enhance air-cooling efficiency. 

On the other hand, immersion cooling uses a thermally-conducive liquid to dissipate heat. You’ll need to immerse or submerge the mining rig into this liquid to cool it down in this process.  

Why Choose Immersion Cooling Over Air Cooling 

First, immersion cooling offers extended cooling efficiency compared to air cooling solutions. Also, this additional cooling allows you to generate higher hashing rates for your operation. As a result, you’ll need less infrastructure and space to maintain your system’s optimal performance, or you can yield greater returns via overclocking the same infrastructure.  

With immersion cooling, you can guarantee that your equipment will last longer. This cooling process ensures that your equipment remains clear of dirt, dust, and debris. Immersion cooling also helps to reduce power consumption while producing far much less noise than air-cooling systems. 

Leverage Our Intelliflex™ Liquid Immersion System 

Are you having trouble setting up an ideal crypto-mining data center? Consider the impressive Intelliflex™ Liquid Immersion System, the epitome of turnkey crypto data center planning. This system delivers an unmatched cooling solution for any high-density computing hardware. The liquid immersion system includes cooling equipment, an immersion tank, and the associated process. 

The modular approach delivers a fully integrated, single-point connection solution. To provide enhanced power, network management, and control, the diverse modules come complete with the Smart PDU. You get to load up to 5.5MW of IT load on each module, which translates to more than 1,150 miners per module. 

The Intelliflex™ Liquid Immersion Solution guarantees unmatched overclocking speeds. Unlike traditional air-cooled systems, you won’t have to deal with dust, noise, poor efficiencies, or unregulated high temperature. Custom Power Generations complements this top-rated product with industry-leading power-generation equipment deployment. 

Our network of Independent Power Partners also ensures that we deliver crypto module maintenance and behind-the-fence power supply. We revolutionize crypto mining through efficient and reliable energy solutions that complement your robust computer systems. 

More about the Intelliflex ™ modular Immersion System  

The Intelliflex™ line of products is a fully integrated, turn-key modular immersion mining solution that offers best in class density (6.0MW per 720 sq ft), meeting all power, network and control requirements for today's sophisticated data center requirements. The key benefits of immersion over air cooling include: 

  • Unmatched processing density. 
  • Lower noise. 
  • Drastic reduction in dust/dirt/debris within the module. 
  • Stable chip temperatures. 
  • Extended miner life. 
  • A significant increase in revenue with overclocking.  

Far from a shipping container with some tanks, our pre-engineered modular system allows clients to start with one single Immersion Modular Data Center (IMDC) and deploy additional IMDCs in the future based on the client's specific needs. Our quick deploy design requires simple loading and our integrated MegaBox transformers allow you to land any voltage 25kV and below onto our system. 

The unique plug-and-play design makes initial setup a breeze with simple site reconnections and adds future IMDCs without unnecessary additional costs. Additionally, as the package is turn-key, fully engineered and pretested, we mitigate significant risk for clients when designing/deploying individual component-based systems.  

The modularity of the Intelliflex™ system saves time by reducing permitting, site construction and upfront capital investment. If a change of location is required, all modules can be quickly demobilized and shipped to another location for redeployment. 

For those looking to deploy larger-scale sites, our standardized 100MW "block" design allows simple site planning and layout for large-scale mining facilities. 

Work with Us for Reliable Crypto Mining Services 

Do you need help stepping up your crypto mining initiatives? Custom Power offers customized solutions to ensure that your systems run at peak performance. At Custom Power, we facilitate all aspects of your crypto mining goals. 

If you’re looking to cut down on heat while boosting your ROI, reach out to Custom Power Generation today. We’ll help you increase your equipment’s longevity and reduce energy costs. Our diverse product portfolio has something for any crypto mining project. Our innovative solutions help bridge the gap between energy solutions and the blockchain ecosystem. 

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