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In Canada, customers go to the supermarket and purchase their garden-fresh vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers, no matter what time of year it is. However, since the weather in Canada is unpredictable and primarily cold, the demand for fresh produce is encouraging more and more commercial greenhouses.

Commercial greenhouses are crucial to the food system; this method minimizes inputs like land and water while accelerating plant growth and protects against weather. Canada is a country that capitalizes on the market for greenhouse-grown foods. Each year more greenhouses are operating, more space available, and greater output of greenhouse produce. The catch to operating a successful greenhouse is that these facilities require large amounts of energy for lighting, heating and ventilation to create an ideal growing environment. A great solution for this is combined heat and power (CHP) generator set.

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Combined heat and power is a highly efficient process that captures and utilizes the heat by-product of the electricity generation process. CHP systems can provide heat, cooling and electricity, all while cutting costs and reducing emissions. These generators can also support CO2 fertilization, a method for inducing plant growth. A higher CO2 level for crops can increase photosynthesis by as much as 50%. Commercial greenhouses that utilize CHP fuel combustion emissions can increase plant production and reduce the overall carbon footprint.

With over 6000 combined heat & power systems deployed worldwide, 2G Energy Inc. offers the most efficient and reliable energy solutions on the market with a unique standardized, pre-engineered modular design and focuses on making the highest quality product with outstanding service. Custom Power Generation is proud to be the authorized sales & service provider of  2G Energy CHP systems, with offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, Custom Power Generation is ready to help you with all your combined heat and power needs. Contact us today for more information, and we'd love to chat!