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A key partner to Custom Power Generation since the inception of our company, we are immensely proud of the growth we have been able to achieve along with our partners at Blue Star Power Systems Inc, growing from a small dealer to Canada’s largest distributor.

Why Blue Star?

Frankly, they are BUILT LIKE NO OTHER! Compared to most of our competitors who use low cost, low skilled labour toiling away on assembly lines often not knowing or fully understanding what they are building, Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. is different. Our products are quality-focused where pride of workmanship is embraced by craftsmen who hand-build our generator sets from start to finish and then put their name on them.

Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. proudly operates out of our newly-constructed state-of-the-art 85,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. The facility boasts 67,000 square feet of manufacturing space, incorporating six production bays each fully equipped with 36 foot clear spans and 40-ton lifting capacity cranes. The facility also features four test bays providing testing capabilities to 4 Megawatt at 0.8 PF to 15kV. Additional amenities include a new down-draft paint booth, a sales & service training center, cafeteria, and a walking trail & fitness center.

Blue Star Power Systems Inc., manufactures complete diesel and gaseous driven generator sets ranging from 20 to 2000 kW. Founded in 2004 as a refurbishing company of existing power systems, today Blue Star Power Systems, Inc. has grown to offer our own full and complete product line. This allows us to serve all major commercial and industrial markets within the power generation industry.

blue star power generator

BSPS products are sold through a network of distributors strategically located in the U.S. and Canadian markets. Our power systems are highly engineered, comprehensive systems which, through technologically sophisticated development and manufacturing processes, including the design, sourcing, prototyping, testing, and engineering capabilities allow us to provide a standard or customized product to meet our distributors’ and customers’ unique specification requirement or application.

Custom Power Generation has offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto and is the largest Blue Star Power Systems Inc. distributor in Canada. Contact us today for any questions, we'd love to chat about your next power generation project!