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Three main factors that impact the success of your blockchain computing operation are: the price of bitcoin, the hash rates and the power usage. Although there is not much that can be done for the first factor, you can significantly increase your hash rates and limit your power use by choosing an immersion cooling system for your business.

Custom Power Generation proudly represents the Intelliflex™ line of Immersion Mining Data Centres! A complete immersion mining solution that houses up to 1,152 - S Series miners in a 12’X60’ module. Completely turn-key this system includes everything required from primary transformer, distribution, PDU’s, tanks, pumps, fluid and coolers. Today, we will talk about the advantages of this system and why it is the best solution on the market!

What Is an Immersion Cooling Process?

Until recent years, the most common method to cool IT hardware was by using air. However, the fans, ductwork and HVAC systems require a lot of space and electricity. A major step forward in finding a more efficient way to cool IT hardware is immersion cooling.

Immersion cooling is an IT practice that submerges computer hardware in a thermally conductive dielectric liquid to provide efficient cooling to hardware components, electronics. The immersion cooling system removes the heat from the hot IT components by circulating liquid into direct contact with them. After this step is complete, a dry-cool system uses fans or heat exchangers to finalize the process.

Why Is Immersion Cooling So Important for Crypto Mining?

As an emerging technology, immersion cooling has a wide range of applications, including cryptocurrency mining and data mining operations. According to studies, North America is the largest immersion cooling market in terms of value, with an expected compound annual growth rate of 23%. But what makes immersion cooling so efficient?

Unlike the liquid used in the immersion cooling process, air cooling requires the air to be cooled at first and then directly blown at the heat source. On the other hand, one cubic foot of the dielectric liquid used for immersion cooling can cool effectively as 1200 cubic feet of air while also requiring less energy.

As you can see, immersion cooling has many advantages compared to the traditional air-cooling process. 

  • Overclocking ASIC’s in immersion can generate up to 30% greater hashing rates for your operation.

  • Immersion cooling requires less infrastructure and smaller space, leading to unmatched density per sq.ft.

  • Immersion cooling also helps you preserve your equipment for longer because it prevents environmental contaminants like dirt, dust, and debris from reaching your equipment.

  • This type of cooling also can reduce power consumption by up to 30% compared to air-cooling.

  • Immersion cooling systems produce significantly less noise than air-cooling systems.

Types of Immersion Cooling Systems and Which One Should You Choose

There are two types of immersion cooling systems available:

  • Single-Phase immersion cooling systems, where the coolant always stays in liquid form, meaning there is no risk of evaporation of the coolant.

  • Two-phase immersion cooling systems, where the fluid boils and therefore exists both as a liquid and gas.

Let’s compare the two systems and see which one is better!

  • Single-phase immersion cooling requires less upfront costs and has a less complex work process than the two-phase immersion cooling system. Both systems are better than traditional air-cooled operations, but in terms of cost, two-phase coolant is far more expensive than single-phase.

  • In theory, the two-phase immersion cooling is 1% more efficient than single-phase cooling, but this difference usually is lost to high consumable costs. This means that single-phase immersion cooling is as efficient as the two-phase process.

  • According to studies, both systems provide more than sufficient cooling power to handle the needs of today’s equipment.

  • The Single-phase immersion cooling method provides fewer safety and reliability risks than two-phase immersion cooling.

In conclusion, we can say that the single-phase immersion cooling process is the better choice when looking for a cooling solution for cryptocurrency and data mining operations. At Custom Power Generation, we have the right a solution for you!

Custom Power Generation is proud to represent the Intelliflex™ Immersion Mining Data Centre! This solution reduces heat in hardware through submersion in a dielectric liquid that has high electrical resistance and low conductivity even at high voltages.

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